Tommila Architects

Forward thinking and environmentally sustainable architecture since 1984.

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Our design philosophy aims at producing architectural designs that meet the changing needs of the contemporary society. To ensure architectural quality and best value in each case, functional, aesthetic and economic factors are weighed until an overall design that fulfills the clients’ requirements and favourably pictures its time, is decided upon.


We work from the scale of a city down to the smallest building details.


Practise Profile

Since being founded in 1984, the majority of commissions of Tommila Architects Ltd combine the practice of traditional architectural design and urban design. Focusing on the successful combination of architecture, urbanism, ecological design and construction, the office provides full architectural, master planning, urban design and interior design services for both the public and private sectors.


We combine the practices of architectural and urban design.



Urban environments, workplaces and retail spaces of the world today comprise a significant part of the everyday surroundings we live in, and subsequently have a profound effect on the well-being of both the individual and society as a whole. It follows that the thoughtful combination of design and functionality reflect directly upon the quality of everyday life and the capacity of our society to maintain comfort, ecological awareness, competitiveness and attractiveness. The efforts of Tommila Architects Ltd, in this respect, have led to a body of work ranging from developmental urban design projects to cutting-edge offices and ecological retail facilities.

A particular emphasis is placed on environmentally sustainable design and construction. Addressing issues of natural lighting, ventilation and energy conservation, Tommila Architects Ltd is involved in a number of projects in which the ultimate goal is to produce rational, flexible, efficient and comfortable housing, office and commercial premises, in response to the demands of ecological awareness and construction.


We are currently working
with co-created innovative
learning environments. 

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